Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mental Pause

Warning: This is going to be a whiney post.

I'm 49. I've been dealing with perimenopause since I was 38. 11 years? I should get a medal or something.

I've trudged along with increasingly irregular periods, occasional migraines and debilitating fatigue. Oh let's not forget the hot flashes that come and go. Those are interesting but not too bad - yet.

A few months ago I noticed a significant change. The hot flashes started coming more frequently - like everyday. My coworkers dress in layers. I frequently ask "is it hot in here or is it me?" They say "it's you." At least I have my own personal furnace. :)

Last week my period arrived 18 days late. Along with it came  7 days of cramps, 5 days of fighting a migraine, and a new symptom - nausea! Yesterday the nausea was so bad I felt like I was pregnant. Even my husband questioned if I could be. He seems to have forgotten that the doctor closed the baby factory 11 years ago. I gave him "the look" and went to lie down for the third time that day.

I started my period when I was 9. Nine years old. That's so unfair. I think I've had it long enough. I thought I'd welcome menopause but after the last few days I'm not so sure.

I feel better today but there's no knowing when Mother Nature will stop by for a surprise visit again. Yee haw.

(I've been all of these)


Anonymous said...

LOL you are funny... I was forced into from surgery ... I loved this blog... I still suffer major flashes... walking to the freeze and placing my head in it for a minute or to helps... I am get ready to give that arm spray a whirl....

Judy said...

Thanks...if I'm going to be miserable I might as well laugh at it after it passes!

bonkdawn said...

You are too funny! Women just get the short end of the stick on this one! Hugs!

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