Thursday, April 28, 2011

I finally scrapped but I'm frustrated.

I did my first paper layout in a year on Monday. I hate to be a whiner, but it was the most frustrating experience I've had in awhile (besides trying to order prints from Shutterfly!).

I decided to do my daughter's dance pics from last year. I already had the layout in mind. I planned to use one of my own sketches (this one):

My scrap area is somewhat organized. There's only a few a small pile of things to be put away. It took me an hour to pick out paper and the two measly embellishments that are on the page. The big star was done freehand. I realized I hate a lot dislike most of the embellishments and paper in my stash. I felt like someone who's lost a lot of weight and is excited to wear something fantastic, only to find all they have in their closet are old clothes they no longer like.

I still have a pile of stuff on my scrap table to be put away, so I hauled my scrap crap upstairs to the dining room table. I think I ended up needing to run back downstairs twice to get something I forgot. This simple layout took about 45 mins. to put together. It shouldn't have taken no longer than 15! On top of all that frustration, I don't even like how it came out! (I'm sharing it anyway, because we all have layouts we don't like)

I think the next thing on my agenda is to purge the scrap area of everything I no longer like. It was way too aggravating to look through papers and embellishments that no longer appeal to me.

Good thing I'm having a yard sale at the end of May. Some other scrappers are going to be very happy. (more things will be offered right here as well!)


Laura C said...

Some days are like that at the scrappy table. Other days, inspiration just flows. Keep at it Judy, you'll do fine

Diana Joy said...

Nothing worse than being in the mood, having the pics and then hit a wall with papers and embellishments. I've done that also. I think those pics are so cute and I like your star.

Judy said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! I stopped into the LSS today and bought a couple of sheets of paper for my next projects. I'm still considering getting rid of everything I hate and only buying stuff as I need it from this point on. The LSS owner told me she's been suggesting that to a lot of her customers lately because of the bad economy.

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