Monday, January 28, 2013

Amazing Chicken recipe

I have no other word to describe this simple but amazing chicken recipe. It all happened by accident one day when I had no bread crumbs. I used to use a simple, breaded chicken recipe I got from an old cooking magazine. The recipe called for plain yogurt, bread crumbs seasoned with a few spices and parmesan cheese and melted butter. Well, on this particular day I realized I had no bread crumbs after I had everything else ready to go. So I improvised...

Keebler Club crackers, crushed (enough to make 1-2 cups, depending on the amount of chicken)
Parmesan cheese (a couple of tbsp)
6 oz plain Greek yogurt in a shallow container
1-2 tbsp. melted butter
Boneless chicken breasts

Mix the parmesan cheese and cracker crumbs in a shallow container. If you want to add other spices that's up to you. I think this is pretty amazing with just those two ingredients.

Dip the chicken in the Greek yogurt and coat it all over. Go ahead, get it on there nice and thick.

Dip the chicken in the cracker crumb mixture and coat completely.

Put the chicken breasts in a baking dish and drizzle with the melted butter. OMG

Bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes (test for doneness).

This chicken will come out super moist and the coating is so tasty it'll make you say "mmmmm!" with every bite. I usually serve it with rice pilaf and a veggie. I try to bake extra chicken breasts to slice up and put in sandwiches or salads for lunches during the week. I like my salad with this chicken, a hard boiled egg, spinach leaves and bleu cheese dressing. Yum!!

Sorry I don't have a photo. The last time I made this I was doing 10 million things at once and didn't have time to grab the camera.

Let me know if you make this and how it came out. I'd love to know what you think of it!

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bonkdawn said...

I am so going to try this! Thanks!

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