Thursday, January 31, 2013

January handmade cards

fox note card

I've been busy working on cards for my Etsy shop. When I realized foxes are trending on Etsy I knew I had to make some fox cards. As soon as I put this little guy together the first word that popped into my head was 'sup, as in "what's up?" He reminds me of my big dumb cat, Oliver, except Oliver is white and tan and he doesn't say 'sup,' he says 'duh.'

fox party animal card, fox holding balloon card

Same fox, different message. This one is a birthday card that says "you party animal" on the inside. Doesn't Mr. Fox look like a real party animal? he he

cat note card

I'm beginning to sense a theme here with the animal cards! I made this card with a die cut I created from a free piece of clip art I found online (I can't give credit because I got it on some random free clip art site). The song title popped into my head and it's been stuck there ever since.

What's new pussycat? Wooo oooh oooh! 

Is this song stuck in your head now?

And the last one for today is this cute cupcake card. It puts me in the mood to make a batch of chocolate cupcakes. :)

Thanks for looking at my newest cards! What projects have you been working on? Leave your blog link in the comments section so I can take a look!

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