Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drum roll please...

Pieces of Me Paper Crafts


This is my secret project I've been working on. I spent part of my weekend working my fingers to the bone making cards and stuff to list in my new Etsy shop. I've listed three items so far - I've got tons more to get photographed and listed on the site. I forgot how time consuming it can be! 

I'm excited about this project because even though I manage a jewelry shop on Etsy, scrapbooking and paper crafts will always be my first love. I get excited when I talk about paper, glue, glitter and die cuts.

Like I said, I only have three items in the shop right now. I'll be working hard to get it filled up in the coming weeks. If you're on Etsy I'd love it if you'd favorite my shop, add me to your circle and spread the word. Thanks so much!

Check out my first items! I know the photography isn't that great. I plan to redo it as soon as I figure out what works best. I was anxious to get things listed. :)

Pieces of Me Paper Crafts

flourish die cut

Pieces of Me Paper Crafts

Just a clarification. I said my shop is new but technically it's not. I had a shop way back in 2009 and closed it in January 2010. The account was still open so I just changed the name so I wouldn't have to start all over from scratch. 

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