Friday, May 13, 2011

Crop sadness

Awhile back I posted that I signed up my daughter and me for a crop at the scrapbook store. The crop is tomorrow. Wouldn't it figure, my daughter came down with a case of the yuckies two days ago. She's been running a low fever since yesterday. She stayed home from school today. She hasn't done much but lie around playing on her iPod, nap and watch TV. She's a sick little girl. (she'll be 13 in July but she's still my little girl)

I cancelled our crop. :(

I've been procrastinating on packing for the crop. I dreaded the task because I wasn't in the least bit motivated to go to this. I finally went downstairs to my scrap table today and started putting page kits together. I had over 100 prints made a couple of weeks ago (I posted about my bargain). I printed out a bunch of my own sketches from this very blog. I actually started feeling inspired and got one kit put together rather quickly. I went upstairs to check on my daughter. She was lying in her bed under the covers again. I took her temp. It was up again.


That's when I told her I was making the decision to cancel. She has to be better for school next week. She has a extremely busy schedule between MCAS math testing (state mandated), a full week of afterschool drama rehearsals, dance on Monday night and her big play on Friday night. All of that is more important than a crop. There will be more crops.

But I was actually inspired by my own sketches.

I think I just might get some scrapping done in the near future. :D

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