Thursday, January 7, 2010

Organizing...decluttering...purging...oh my!

My New Year's resolution is in full swing. I have been organizing, decluttering and purging to my heart's content. Actually, I'm not content. I'm frustrated at the amount of crap this house has accumulated. I've had the same resolution for the last few years so my question is - where does it all come from? We're not total slobs but every time I turn around there's stuff in a closet or cabinet or under a bed that's screaming to be cleared out and thrown out. Does it breed when no one's watching? It certainly seems like it does.

I should take before & after pics but it's too embarrassing to show. Yesterday I cleaned the corner hutch in the dining room. The top half has a glass door with all my Cherished Teddies and other cutesy knick knacks, along with DH's many German beer steins. Way too much stuff for the small space. I have too many knick knacks but the fact that many were gifts makes me feel guilty for wanting to purge. I haven't yet but I need to. Instead I packed away the holiday items and they'll be displayed only at Christmas. There's still way too many in the cabinet. However, the big job was cleaning out the bottom half of the hutch, which is hidden by a solid door. How many clear votive candle holders does one person need? I had at least 10 and I can't even begin to tell you where they came from or why I have so many. It was frustrating to say the least.

This is what I'm doing when I have a day off or a few hours of free time. It's not fun in the least and it's a lot of work. I'm thankful that my house is nowhere near as bad as those you see on TV shows like Clean House. However, it bothers me to have stuff we never, ever use hidden away in closets, cabinets and under beds. By this time next year I want it all gone.

These two websites are helping me stay motivated. FlyLady is motivational and Freecycle is for passing things on.
Flylady: and

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