Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goodbye to you Etsy!

This post has been a long time coming and I've finally decided to sit down and get it over with.

I'm throwing in the towel on Etsy. Giving up. Quitting. And I'm happy about it.

I started losing my Etsy mojo sometime in November when things in my personal life started going wrong. It was a rough Nov. & Dec., as I've posted previously, and it gave me time to rethink my priorities. I burned myself out making cards for both Etsy and a craft show during the fall. I've been making cards for years because I like doing it. When it started feeling too much like a chore I realized it was time to stop. I haven't sold a single card in my Etsy shop so that kind of sealed the deal.

I love to scrapbook. I realized not too long ago that the last time I scrapped for myself was in August, which ironically is also when I opened my Etsy shop. Etsy wasn't supposed to be about giving up what I love doing but that's exactly what happened. Last weekend I scrapped a page for the first time in months and it was wonderful. I can't wait to sit at my scrap table again tomorrow. :-)

I plan to continue this blog but it will have nothing to do with Etsy or selling or anything of that nature. It's going to be about my life, my family, my pets and my love of crafts. I hope someone out there in blog land reads it and responds. I love making new friends. :-)

Thanks for supporting my Etsy shop for the last 6 months. It's been interesting.


Katie said...

sorry to hear about etsy but perhaps it was meant to be.

Judy said...

Thanks Katie. If I hadn't given it a try I never would have found all the great stuff for sale on Etsy! I still plan to shop there.

Regina said...

sorry to hear that but I know where you are coming from!

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