Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends and followers! I hope 2010 brings you happiness, good health and a little bit of prosperity too!

I'm not big on resolutions but I try to set goals and challenges for myself. My most recent challenge was actually in 2009 and I'm proud that I accomplished it. I challenged myself to attend a Weight Watchers meeting every week in December. Anyone trying to lose or maintain their weight during the holidays knows how difficult it is to stay focused. I'm maintaining and needed to keep myself accountable. Attending weekly meetings kept me from losing control. I actually lost a few pounds during December (not intentionally) so when I gained 2 lbs between Christmas & New Year's, it was no big deal.

So back to those 2010 resolutions/challenges/goals (insert your choice of words). Here's mine:

1. As always, declutter every room of the house. With two children and a husband, this is like shoveling while it's still snowing. Every January I set this goal. Every year I succeed but somewhere along the way more stuff comes in. This year we will have the largest yard sale we've ever had because I have four months to prepare for it, starting today.

2. Exercise more. This is easy once I take that first step (literally). I love to walk but it's next to impossible during the winter in New England. Even if it's warm enough outside the sidewalks are still too icy or wet. So that leaves me with either workout videos, which I hate, or my stationery bike which I hate only slightly less than workout videos. Regardless, I need to move my body to keep it healthy so this is a resolution that can't be ignored.

3. Volunteer. If you read my last entry you know we lost our 18 year old kitty in December. I was absolutely devastated and Christmas was difficult for me. During that time I gave some thought to volunteering at a local animal shelter. I plan to do more research before making a commitment, but I feel this is something I would like to do. I've always loved animals and I think this could be a good fit for me.

4. Scrap more, stress less. I started my Etsy shop in August 2009. I realized just the other day that I hadn't scrapped for myself since August 2009. That's so sad. I've been scrapping for 11 years. This is not about making money, it's about giving myself some me time. So I will be scrapping more and stressing less about whether my items have views, whether I have sales or not, whether I'm promoting the right way or not.  I need to rethink my priorities and I'm not sure where Etsy falls on that list.

Happy New Year!

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