Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Excuse not to ZUMBA!

I finally did it! I joined a Zumba class! My daughter's dance instructor is now certified to teach Zumba. She started offering classes this month. I took the plunge and handed over $99 for 10 classes. My first class was last night.

There are NO excuses for not taking Zumba! I guarantee you'll get a great, fun workout!

Maybe one of these is your excuse for not trying it?

1. Two left feet. I suck at dance steps. Zumba is fun no matter how uncoordinated you are. The music has a Latin beat and you follow a series of steps. It's fast paced. If you're like me you'll stumble along no matter how silly you look. No one else in the class is looking at you because they're stumbling along too.

2. It's too sexy. I have to work on this part. I don't feel sexy when I have two left feet. I also don't feel sexy when I'm sweating my ass off. The instructor looks sexy when she shakes her hips. Maybe after 10 weeks I'll feel sexy shaking my hips too. For now I'll just give them a little wiggle.

3. It makes you sweat. Yes, exercise makes you sweat if you do it right.  Zumba makes you sweat bullets. It gets your heart pumping (just don't have a heart attack!). If you can't keep up with the class just keep your feet moving at a slower pace. Exercise should energize you in the long run.

4. I can't afford it. Call your health insurance company. Some policies cover fitness classes. I have Fallon Community Health Plan. They paid for my Weight Watchers meetings last year. They're paying for Zumba this year. All I have to do is send a copy of my paperwork and they'll reimburse me. Free classes. No excuse for not going.

5. I have no one to go with. The only time to socialize is before and after class. You won't be the only person who's not there with a buddy. Once the class starts there's no time for chit chat. I went alone. I had a great time.

A few pointers when joining a class:
  • Check with your doctor before starting any type of fitness program.
  • Wear good quality, comfortable fitness shoes. Your feet and ankles will thank you later.
  • Wear comfortable workout clothing. Short sleeve tee or tank top with workout shorts, capris or pants. Leave your jeans at home. You're going to sweat - a lot.
  • Invest in a sports bra. I wore a regular bra last night and the straps kept falling down.
  • Don't stand too close to the person next to you. You're going to move sideways, forward and back. You don't want to crash into your neighbor.
  • Walk into class with an open mind and have a blast!
To find a Zumba class near you, click here.

If you want to watch Zumba, check out this YouTube video.

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katie said...

Glad FCHP can provide you with free Zumba classes! Zumba is so much fun -- I did it for a few months and learned some great moves! Thanks for the great tips and props!
-Katie C., Fallon Community Health Plan

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