Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fabulous SEI Christmas Mint papers!

I bought a fabulous set of SEI Christmas papers from - the only online store I shop. There's a scrapbook store in town that's only 10 minutes from my house. I prefer to give her my business. However, when Bargainpack has what I want and the LSS doesn't, I'll pay the small shipping charge to get it.

Right after Christmas she had these (she probably still does if you're interested!). I'm pretty sure it's an older line but I'm always behind the times so I don't mind.

I was so thrilled when they finally arrived because they're gorgeous! I couldn't wait to scrap my newest Christmas pics. Anyone who knows me knows it usually takes close to a year for me to finally get around to scrapping Christmas. I take way too many pics and my pages end up looking the same. I get bored scrapping them. I promised myself that wouldn't happen this year.

Lookie what I did today. Sorry for the absolutely horrible photo. The paper and journaling block both have a shine to them and it threw off the camera. (I originally tried scanning but the colors didn't scan right - not that this is much better!). I'm going to try to get a better shot tomorrow during daylight hours.

Christmas Eve 2009
The journaling block says: "Other things may change, but we START and END with FAMILY." 

And this is the facing page. Clean and simple using only the three best pics of the day.
(DH doesn't like having his picture taken)

I still have a bunch of Christmas pics to scrap. Now that I've got all this gorgeous paper I can't wait to sit down and tackle the rest of them!

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