Saturday, December 22, 2012

Be gone spammers!

This isn't very Christmas-y but I'm a little frustrated right now.

My blog doesn't get a whole lot of comments. It doesn't really bother me because my stats show that even though I don't get comments, I do get a fair amount of views. I get a little giddy when I get an email notification telling me someone commented on my blog. My blog comments are moderated, which means Blogger sends me an email when someone leaves a comment and I decide whether it gets published or not.

I hate when I check the comment and it's spam. I realize it's probably a bot but it's still rude, uncalled for and a pain in my butt. It immediately gets deleted.

If you've ever posted a friendly note on my blog just to say hello or comment on a post, thank you. I love comments and appreciate that you took the time to leave one.

If you're a spammer who thinks that your link is going to make its way onto my blog, think again. I don't want you here. I don't want your comments and I certainly won't allow you to post a link here. Go away and find somewhere else to leave your garbage (this does not apply to my fellow bloggers who leave a link to their own blog).

Up until now I've resisted adding extra security to the comments section, other than being moderated by me. If the spam continues I'll be forced to require word verification for comments. It's an extra step for the reader but in the end it protects us all from the spammers who attempt to leave links for unsuspecting readers to click.

Enjoy your holiday weekend folks. I'm off to do some much needed housework and then reward myself by making some paper crafts. :)


Jani Lewis said...

Yeah, it is not spam this time. LOL Just read your post and had to drop by. I completely know what you are talking about. I turned off word verification because commenters were having problems leaving a message. I get tons of spam messages a day! I try to delete them as quickly as possible but, man, does that get ould quick!

CMW said...

I'm in the same boat,I get them on my site too! But they are usually in the spam folder, and I do always check just to make sure a legitimate one didn't get put in there. I can tell when its spam, because the message does not make sense at all lol

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