Monday, November 5, 2012

Paper purse gift card holders

Check out these adorable paper purse gift card holders I made last week.

I found the pattern in my many computer files a few weeks ago. I didn't even realize I had it. It's from MyScrapChick and I think it was a freebie because I don't remember buying it. The pattern is labeled as a card. I decided to add a couple of slots on the inside to hold a gift card and a ribbon "handle" so it can be hung on a Christmas tree. Clever? I think so! :)

I have three of these listed in my Etsy shop so far. The poinsettia gift card holder shown above isn't in my shop yet but it will be in a day or two. 

Here's two more to share. The blue is my favorite. I really struggle with photos and I'm sad that they came out so dark. In my next life I'm going to have all the equipment I need to take fabulous photos. 

I had my first two sales in my newly re-opened shop this weekend!! Yay!! I've only been listing for two weeks and I wasn't expecting to get sales this soon.


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