Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy & Penguin Christmas Cards

Not much to do during a hurricane but hunker down and make penguin cards!

I call this my Hurricane Sandy craft. I made a set of penguin Christmas cards last night while I baked two loaves of banana bread, cleaned out my Keurig and silently stressed over the monstrous storm that was a brewin'. Today my kids are both off from school and I'm off work so I set up my mini photo studio on my kitchen table, shot some pics and listed my new penguin card set on Etsy

Pattern by MyScrapChick

It's been awhile since I made a set of penguin cards. I think it was back in 2009, actually, and I even posted them on this blog (I'll find the link and post it at the end).

Today the wind is gusting and the rain is coming down (though not as hard as they originally said it would) but we still have power! Today is the one year anniversary of the freak October snowstorm that left us without power for 6 days. 6 days!! I'm praying we don't lose power tonight because that would seriously suck!

I still have memories of what I was doing on this day last year as the snow came down hard (while we still had power). I made a big pot of chicken potato soup and sat on my bed, watched movies and created lots of jewelry and bookmarks. My daughter and I were getting ready for a craft show in November. My cat stepped on my box of beads at one point and they went everywhere. That was a Saturday. By 8:15 that night we had no power. It didn't get restored until 7:00 pm the following Friday. Good times. 

Here's the link to my old penguin cards. Penguins!

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