Sunday, September 2, 2012

Self-Promotion Sunday

I haven't done this in a while. Since it's a quiet Sunday and most people are probably sleeping in or enjoying the long holiday weekend, it's a good time to do a quick "look what's in my Etsy shop" type of post.

I ran a sale in my shop that was supposed to end on Labor Day, but due to human error (mine!), it ended earlier than planned (I used an automated service). Because of my blunder, now through Sat., Sept. 15 you can use coupon code BACK2SCHOOL to save 10% off your purchase. Enter the code at checkout to get your savings. (discount does not apply to shipping charges) 

Here are a few of the variety of items in my Etsy Shop. The links to each item are posted under the photos. 

These obviously aren't for back-to-school, but they're part of the sale just the same! These would be fun favors for a girls night. Let your party friends take one home when the night is over.

This pair of earrings has gotten a lot of love on Etsy but hasn't found the right person yet. They're one of my favorite pairs of earrings in my shop right now.

This is one of my pricier bracelets because it's made with czech glass beads, which are more expensive than regular glass beads. It's very pretty on its own or stacked with another bracelet.

I thought this owl necklace would get more attention than it has. The charm is different than all the millions thousands of other owl necklaces on Etsy (beware of resellers who are selling mass produced necklaces - you can tell because they're usually dirt cheap). Sadly, it hasn't gotten much love even though the owl is adorable and the owl and disc are good quality charms that were made in U.S.A. The chain is stainless surgical steel.

This is another item that's been in my shop awhile, gets quite a few views, but hasn't found the right person yet. I like the colors of this one. If my memory serves me right, I made this while I watched the snow fall heavily on that fateful Saturday in October 2011 (just a few hours later we lost power for 6 days!). I did a lot of beading projects that day while I made a big pot of soup and watched movies on TV. Good times.

Thanks for looking and checking out my Etsy shop. I hope you're enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend with gorgeous weather. I know I am!

Check out these earrings I made for myself the other day! 

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