Saturday, September 29, 2012

Accountability Saturday - Sept. 29

Happy birthday to my Mom! She's 91 years young today!

Is it Saturday already? This week flew by for me! This weekend's going to fly by too. I'll be at Mom's this morning helping her with her housework and celebrating her birthday. On Sunday, I'm attending a coworker's wedding. I'm going with three other ladies from work - we're all leaving our husbands home. It should be fun!

Now on to my accountability post... my week went something like this:

Sunday: I tracked all calories and took a 25 min. walk! My migraine headache from last Saturday disappeared overnight. I sold three items on Etsy - woo hoo! I bought some supplies for my new project.

The rest of the week I continued tracking calories faithfully on SparkPeople but I ended up having to increase my daily amount. I got too hungry and that is not how I want to do this. I learned on Weight Watchers that you should never starve or deprive yourself to lose weight. I dealt with two days of hunger, then read this blog post by Go Kaleo and gave myself permission to increase. I also got more exercise in! I walked and I did a little Just Dance 2 with my daughter. Geez, I haven't done Just Dance in months. It's like riding a bike - it all came right back. :)

I feel better since tracking my foods on SparkPeople and getting a little bit of exercise. I don't feel as sluggish as I did. And...for the past two nights I haven't felt so famished in the evening that I want binge on junk food. My official weekly weigh-in is tomorrow and I'm crossing my fingers that I see some progress being made.

I tried to work on my new project a bit but didn't get as much done as I wanted. My husband was home on vacation all week and we all know how that goes. He complained that I was making too much noise so I had to try to work when he wasn't around (which was almost never!). I had a few technical difficulties that got in the way - equipment malfunctions and a computer virus! Eek! The virus infected our desktop computer on Friday. Thankfully it was a fairly easy clean-up. I ran a full Norton virus scan, which didn't find the virus (from what I've read, the virus builders have learned how to outsmart anti-virus software). When that didn't work I ran MalwareBytes, which found it and removed it. Yay.

My favorite shows finally started up so that's keeping me happy at night - Survivor and Grey's Anatomy. The Amazing Race starts tomorrow. Life is good!

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