Saturday, July 21, 2012


With  the horrible news about the Colorado movie theater shooting bombarding us from every direction today, I've been avoiding network TV and trying to find other stuff to do. I can't prevent what I see online - it's right on my homepage and sucks me in every time. I can't take my mind off the victims and their families. I wouldn't wish that horror on my worst enemy. However, the media needs to stop bombarding us with this. They need to stop giving the gunman so much attention. He's a sick bastard who probably loves being in the spotlight for murdering 12 people and injuring over 50 others. We'll remember his name forever, although if you ask me right now what it is I only know his first name is James. I'm focusing my thoughts on the victims (let the authorities focus on the gunman).

I've been thinking about my little blog a lot lately. I put it on the back burner again when I got sucked into Etsy again. I've had some pretty good luck with it this time around - 15 sales since I started listing at the end of January. Not too shabby for Etsy standards. Selling jewelry on Etsy is tough so I think I've done okay. I still have items listed on the site (see sidebar for a preview) but I've been taking a little break from creating stuff.

I've been going to the monthly crops at my local scrapbook store since the beginning of the year. I think we've only missed one. Slowly but surely I've gotten my mojo back! I put a ton of finished pages into albums today. I still have to finish up a few (titles & journaling) and I'm looking forward to scrapping at home again.  :) After I do a few more pages for my son's album I'll no longer be scrapping for him. He's a 17 year old computer geek that lives in a digital world. He doesn't care about scrapbooks. I have a feeling the books I've made him over the years will stay with me when he moves on. Maybe he'll want them when he gets older and settles down. For now, I'll keep them safe here. I'm scrapping for myself these days, which is incredibly satisfying. For the past 14 years I've been scrapping for my kids, trying to make them nice keepsake albums. I did a page for myself every now and then, but the majority of it was for them. My daughter will be 14 in two days (oh my!!) and she scraps most of her own pages now. She still wants me to do her school portrait and dance pages, but she does everything else. I can't believe that at only 14 years old, she's been scrapping for over 8 years!!

My friend, Dawn, sold me her old Silhouette die cut machine last January. I was so excited to get it! I used it a few times but it's been sitting idle for way too long. I plan to sit down with it tonight and make the titles for those pages I need to finish. I'm going to try to get my newest layouts uploaded to this blog over the next few weeks (there's quite a few!). I may even try my hand at creating some sketches again.

I posted awhile ago that I'm on Pinterest. I'm always looking for people to follow - I love craft ideas, recipes, sketches, cards, quotes and funny stuff. Leave a link to your Pinterest page in the comments so I can check out your boards. Click the Pinterest link in this paragraph and it'll take you to my page.

I'll close this out by asking you to pray for the victims of yesterday's shooting. If you're not a praying person, please keep them all in your thoughts.


msbrownschmitt said...

I don't even want to think about my kids getting old enought to take their scrapbooks with them! My husband and I have always joked whenever people ask if they are theirs that they will have to pry them out of my cold dead hands!! lol. --- but seriously.... I could not stress if he doesn't want it initially. I want to keep all of mine.... I have always pictured us (my children and one day grandchildren) sitting in the living room reminiscing over old albums before christmas dinner etc. I love the reminiscing part... that is probably my favorite part about scrapping.

Judy said...

I started scrapping 14 years ago so we have scrapbooks everywhere in our house! LOL I pray my kids take theirs with them when they leave the nest. I know my daughter will take hers when she has a permanent place to call her own. My son - I'm not so sure. I'm okay with that.

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