Monday, February 27, 2012

What I've been up to...beads, migraines and teenage drama

I've been busy making pretty things with beads and things. I see to have caught the jewelry making bug from my daughter these days. I can't help myself. I get carried away when I'm in the beading dept. at JoAnn's. They had a great sale during President's Day weekend and I splurged just a little. I didn't do as much damage as I thought I would. LOL So far I've created these with my new supplies:

Hot pink memory wire bracelet

Chartreuse & ivory memory wire bracelet 

Matching earrings

I still have more beads to play with. I need to give myself a break between making things so my brain doesn't get burned out.

The other things I've been dealing with are my 13 year old daughter's health issues. She's been feeling sick on and off for about six months. Wow, I didn't realize it's been that long until I did the math. It started out last Sept. with what I thought (and still think) was a sinus infection. She has seasonal allergies and last year was rough on her. The doctor said it wasn't an infection but I still disagree. She never fully recovered after that. She spent months feeling run down, tired, headachey. I brought her to the doctor once a month from Nov. until last week. In Nov. the doctor did blood work and tested for mono and low iron. He told me the tests showed she's slightly anemic but nothing else came up. In December I took her for her regular check-up. We mentioned daily headaches to the doctor, but she was so rushed to get out for Christmas (the appt. was 2:00 pm on Dec. 23) that her issues weren't dealt with. In January I brought her in again for the headaches. This time the doctor treated her for a sinus infection. He prescribed a Z-pack with a refill. She took both rounds and the headaches continued. *sigh* Last week I requested that she be seen by the doctor who did the blood work last fall. OMG This doctor is so wonderful. I think he gave her a full 45 mins. of his time to figure it out. As he went through her blood results from last fall he briefly mentioned "when she had mono," which caused me to stop him and say "whoa, what did you say?" He never told me back in Nov. that she had mono. This time he clarified that the results weren't conclusive but she definitely had some type of virus going on. I strongly believe it was mono - she was miserable for at least a month or two. Anyway, the diagnosis last week is what I've been suspecting for a few weeks myself - migraines. The poor girl has been miserable. Not just her, but the rest of us having to deal with her terrible moods. I don't blame her. If I had a headache every single day I'd be a miserable person too. He prescribed a preventative medicine that she takes every night before bed. It's been one week and I think I have my daughter back. She's happier than I've seen her in a long time. The kids were on vacation last week so today is the first day back to school since she started her medicine. Last night she said she was afraid she'd feel sick again today because of the long hours she has to be at school (she has drama everyday until 6:00 for the next two weeks). I haven't received any texts from her today telling me she doesn't feel well. That is a milestone. 

My son has had his own drama going on. He's 16 and has been dating the same girl for about 18 months. They broke up recently, which surprised me but I don't pry. It's between him and her. He was never shy about telling me how he felt about her in the past. I told him I'm here if he wants to talk but he hasn't opened up. Recently I found out the reason behind the break up through a Facebook post on her page. I wasn't snooping - her page isn't private so anyone can see it. From what I can tell he's taken the high road, but what she's done must have broken his heart. I don't think he wanted to break it off but it was for the best. That's the part that bothers me. Someone hurt my boy and I don't like it. 10 years down the road hopefully she'll feel bad for stringing him along for so long. She's only 15 so I can't condemn her for being immature, but she has a lot of growing up to do. He on the other hand, seems to be doing ok and is spending more time with his guy friends. I hope he takes a break from girls for awhile. They create too much drama.


Katy Cameron said...

Well glad they were finally able to figure something out for Em, fingers crossed for the meds.

As for the beads, don't those pretty, shiny things just suck you in? ;o)

Judy said...

Yes the do Katy! lol

Em texted me this afternoon. Her head hurts. :( It's got be the stress from school.

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