Friday, August 19, 2011

Wow, where did the time go?

I didn't intend to abandon my blog. Life just got in the way.

The biggest issue was the pain. I'm not one to whine when a body part is in pain but this was downright depressing. It started with a toothache back in February. It was supposed to end with a root canal on March 2, followed by a permanent crown. Instead it lingered on and on. I endured the placement of three temporary crowns, one permanent crown in between the second and third temp, the removal of a poor fitting permanent crown (which was a miserable procedure for me). Sometime during all that I made a few trips to the endodontist to find the reason for the pain that was constantly present.  I had a mini meltdown in my dentist's office last month when he told me the first permanent crown had to be removed. I was frustrated and tired of the pain that I'd been living with for six months. I wanted it to be over. I finally got a second permanent crown two weeks ago, placed with temporary adhesive incase something goes wrong again. I could tell right away that it was a much better fit, but I wasn't pain free immediately. That brought me down for a few days. I needed to be pain free. Anyone who has lived with daily pain will understand what I mean. I went back to my dentist a few days later to have him check it out. He said everything looked ok, to give it time and see what happens. My mouth was incredibly irritated by the temp crown and it needed to heal. This is where the angels start singing. Everyday after that it felt a little bit better. Not a lot, because that would be too good to be true. This past Monday I reached my turning point. I ate lunch on my shiny new crown without  giving pain a second thought. I have since measured my level of pain each day and it's now about 99.8% gone. Angels singing even louder. I never thought this day would come.

That is the biggest reason I haven't blogged. I was so overshadowed by  pain, whether it was intense or minor,  everything else in my life took a backseat.

I can't make any promises to myself or anyone else about whether I'll get back to blogging. I love my little blog and miss posting. Life promises to slow down for me in a couple of weeks when the kids go back to school. Here are a couple of interesting things I plan to write about in the near future:

My son made Eagle Scout earlier this summer. His ceremony is at the end of August.

My mother is turning 90 years old in September. My siblings and I bought her a digital frame (she's legally blind and can't see printed photos very well anymore). My sisters and I have spent hours scanning old family photos and downloading them onto the frame. We've still have a lot more to do.

My son got his first job. We all know how hard it is for teens to find work in this economy. He was lucky to get hired as a cashier by our local grocery chain. He started a week ago and since he doesn't drive yet, that leaves my husband and me to taxi him back and forth.

I've been scrapping! Can you believe it? I purged a good chunk of my supplies last spring, hoping it would motivate me to start fresh. It took a few more months for the creative juices to start flowing again, but I've done two pages in the last couple of weeks. I scrapped a pic of my best friend and me just last week and I can't wait to share it. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I've got my mojo back!


bonkdawn said...

So much going on with you! So sorry about the pain, but so glad that you seem to be past it now. I am looking forward to visiting your blog again ... you always make me smile! ♥

Judy said...

Thanks Dawn! That's so sweet of you to say. :)

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