Monday, April 11, 2011

Who made this big mess?

Holy scrap crap.

I finally had time to forced myself to go into the basement and organize my scrap area. You have no idea how long I've procrastinated. Since June of 2010. First my husband had his accident on May 3, and I stopped scrapping completely. Then on Memorial Day weekend I had a tag sale and needed to borrow my scrap table for that. It never got put back until today.

As embarrassing as it is, I'm sharing the before and after pics. Our basement is unfinished and I've grown to hate scrapping down there. Unfortunately, I have no choice. There's not enough room for my crap upstairs. When I came up with this idea years ago I loved to escape to this space. Now I hate the icky walls and floor and bad lighting. I just have to make do.

Crap dumped everywhere.

My table belongs in that empty space. There's normally an old rug on the floor. We had a little incident with water backing up over the weekend and it got wet. I'll put it back when it's dry. But can you see why I think this is gross?

After sweeping, dusting, and putting stuff back where it belongs it now looks like this.

Oliver checking out my scrap table...

The plastic bags on the table have paper and stuff that I bought and still need to put away. I ran out of time yesterday. The cardboard box is something I bought about 5 years ago and never used so I'm going to sell it. I plan to have a destash sale right here on this blog so be sure to follow it! I'm going to offer stuff here first to save on fees. Whatever doesn't sell will go on ebay, Etsy or in my tag sale next month.

This is my daughter's scrap table. Oliver was so excited to check everything out.

Now I have a question for those of you who have a huge stash of letter stickers. Where the hell do you store them? I currently keep mine in two 3" binders. They keep sliding out of the page protectors. They also just plain don't fit anymore because I have so many. I'm looking for a low budget solution. If you've got a suggestion, please leave me a comment! As you can see, this is not working. They're busting right out of the binders.

Don't forget to keep checking back here. I'm going to get rid of a lot of my crap scrapbook supplies that I no longer want.


Laura C said...

YAY - you made it back to your scrappy place!

Storage for letters - I took Blue bunny ice cream tubs (they are plastic ovals) and I stack them in those on the back of my table so I can reach them. I have put like colors in each container - I think I have 3 of these right now. However, if I bought some to go with a specific paper line, I store them in an extra large Ziploc bag with all the lines together. That way I can just grab each bag that I want to work with and have all the lines together. As I deplete a line I've bought, the leftovers get put into the Blue Bunny containers. My original intent was to cutely decorate the outside of each container but that hasn't happened yet. I also store my embellishments this way and my ink blocks for my acrylic stamps. If you go on my Fiskateers gallery, you will see them in my pics from last year

Judy said...

Thanks for the suggestion Laura! I forgot to mention that I like to keep everything covered because it's in the basement. All my paper, stickers, embellishments, etc. are in jars, bins, totes, drawers, etc. It's a pain but I have to do that to keep everything from getting dusty.

Besthobbyeva said...

Wow you really have been busy! Welcome back and scrapping is such great therapy!!

I store all my letters in draws, again by color, and label the draws. Makes it easy to scrap.

Looks like the cat is having great fun too!


Robin said...

Yay for the organzing so you can scrap again
I keep letter stickers in an accordian file by colors

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