Monday, April 25, 2011

Speaking of extreme couponing...

I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning off my memory card and organizing the photos into folders on the computer. The goal was to place a large print order with Shutterfly. This was part of my "get back to scrapping" strategy. If I intend to go to the May 14 crop at the LSS I need photos. Not that I don't already have photos, I just need more.

A few weeks ago I got an email from a photo processor called PhotoWorks. Apparently I have/had an account with them and some photos were still stored there. They're closing up shop and they're offering customers a $30 credit if they transfer their photos to Shutterfly. Was I interested? Heck yeah! 30 bucks is 30 bucks. I did the transfer, not really caring about the photos one way or the other because I have all those same photos backed up at home. A short time later I got an email with the $30 credit code, thank you very much.

On Saturday I decided it was time to take the photos off my memory card, some of which are over a year old, so I could use my Shutterfly credit.

O.M.G. What an ordeal.

I had 393 photos on my memory card dating back to March 2010. I don't take a ton of pics but I still had to deal with this. I took a screen shot. This is approx. 1/6 of what was on the memory card. It took me forever to organize everything. Never again will I let it get like this.

I then had to deal with Shutterfly, which was a hair-pulling experience in itself. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen a few tweets expressing sheer frustration at the whole ordeal. Their "express" downloader is far from express. It took well over an hour to upload about 70 prints. That's ridiculous and not what I consider "express." Then I had to crop each one. [whine]

After spending the entire afternoon uploading, cropping and fine tuning the order to get it as close as I possibly could to $30 without going too much over (I had to spend at least $30 to use the credit), I hit the 'place order' button.

This is where it feels like Extreme Couponing. Check it out:

122 4x6 prints @ .15 each   $18.30
12 5x7 Prints @ .99 each     $11.88
                             Subtotal  $30.18
                             Shipping    $7.49
                                  Total  $37.67
                      $30 credit    -$30.00
            Free Shipping code  -$7.49
                                          Tax   .01
             Total Amount Due  $0.19

I paid 19 cents for 124 prints, 12 of which are 5x7's.

Life is good.


Just Jaime said...

OOO that's a great deal!! Shutterfly can sometimes be a pain to deal with but I love their quality!

Sarah said...

What an amazing price! And you just reminded me that I need to spring clean my computer photo files!

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