Friday, April 8, 2011

New Digital Layouts!

I wanted to play around with Adobe InDesign CS3. My Halloween pics were the least intimidating of everything I still need to scrap. I still hope to get my mojo back and do real paper layouts soon (May 14 maybe?). When I do, the pics in these layouts will get scrapped and put into a real album I can hold in my hands. Until then, I'll play in InDesign. It's so much easier than creating layouts in Photoshop! Thanks for looking!

The digital kit for this Halloween layout is a freebie called October Meeting from (Yeah, that's me dressed as a hobo)

Another layout done in Adobe InDesign. I used some flower graphics I found with google. The background is a gradient I created myself.  This is my best friend, Debbie, and me. We've been BFFs since high school (over 30 years!).

Here's another layout that I whipped up this week (who am I kidding - it took the entire 90 minutes of American Idol on Wednesday night! lol). This is my son, Adam, with our now famous rescue kitty, Oliver. Oliver loves Adam. Adam is Oliver's person. Oliver lies on the floor outside Adam's closed bedroom door just waiting to be let in. When he's finally allowed in there, he lays across Adam's lap and doesn't let him do anything. The papers and scalloped border are from a free digital kit called Bloomin from Stuff to Scrap. I found the kitty graphic and the quote with google. Meow.

This last page was done yesterday. It took me hours but I'm getting pretty comfortable with Adobe InDesign. I need to teach myself this program for work. They're gradually converting all the Macs from QuarkXpress to InDesign and I'm going to be lost if I don't know it. Companies don't give on-the-job training for this stuff anymore. Most kids learn it in high school or college these days. I'm old. I've been in this business in one aspect or another since I was 16. The only way I can learn anything new is to teach myself. We installed Adobe CS3 on our home PC a few months ago. I realized this week that playing around with digital scrapbook pages is the easiest (and most fun) way for me to teach myself the things I need to know.

Anyway, I digress. Here's a layout of Oliver being cute again. I should probably scrap our other cat, Flower, too. This page was made using a free kit called Sweet Escape from All those little flags with the dotted lines around them - they were painstakingly done one at a time. There's so many layers on this page and I kept messing them up. LOL That would explain why this took so long. I plan to recreate this with paper and adhesive, which will probably go much quicker!

Thanks for looking at all my layouts. :)

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