Monday, April 18, 2011

For Sale: Lisa Bearnson's All About Me 8x8 Album Kit

As promised, I'm offering items for sale here on my blog before I try ebay or Etsy. I still haven't gone through anything else in my scrap area. This is probably the thing that takes up the most room and it deserves to be doing more than just sitting in a box.

This is the Lisa Bearnson All About Me 20-page 8x8 album kit. I've heard it's the first in a collection of four kits but I only have the one. It's been stored in the original shipping box since I bought it in July 2006. That's the date on the shipping label. How sad is that? The only times I've taken it out of the box were to look at it when I first got it, and last night to take these pics. Last night was a real challenge trying to get it all to fit back in the way it came. lol

I'm selling this for $15, plus $10.95 priority shipping. At this time I ship to the United States only. The shipping is high unfortunately, because the box weighs almost 4 lbs. I checked out different shipping options and a USPS flat rate box is the least expensive option. If you're interested in buying this please email me privately. If it doesn't sell here within a week it'll be going on one of the other sites for a few dollars more (to cover fees).

I took a bunch of pics to show everything you'll get. This is in excellent condition. Everything is still packaged the way it came. The kit comes with everything you can think of. You'll get the album, page protectors, paper, letter stickers, embellishments, an instruction book and a nice box to store your album in when you're done.

This is an image that I found online. You can get a general idea of how much comes stuff comes in this kit.
This is how it looks when you take it out of the shipping box.

This is "almost" everything it comes with. I didn't realize until after I took this photo that there was even more hidden in the box!

Close up of some of the packages. They're all labeled by page number.

As I was packing everything up to put it back in the box I found more goodies stashed underneath the cardboard that's inside the box!

Album and the nice box it's stored in. The album and box are covered with a sage green fabric.

It's a spiral bound album so you can't add or remove pages. 

Instruction book.

All boxed up, except the cover should lie completely flat. I tried to get everything to fit inside the box. Then when I saw the first pic I took I realized it didn't come that way! Doh.

Again, I'm selling this kit for $15 plus $10.95 priority shipping. At this time I ship to the U.S. only. If you're local (Springfield, Mass. area) we can arrange pick up to save you some money. I prefer Paypal. Please email me if you're interested.

Have a great week!


Besthobbyeva said...

I have this album and it is AWESOME (Dawn gave it to me)!! It has so many pieces to it! Great price!! Good luck! I will keep checking and seeing what you have!


Judy said...

Thanks for the comment Laurie! I'll probably be putting some alphabet stamps up for sale soon (SU and foam). I have way too many. Keep watching!

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