Friday, September 3, 2010

Fabulous Friday Sketch - Sept. 3

This sketch was created using the Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist I wrote about earlier this week. Amazon offered this program for free a couple of weeks ago and it 'sold out' within hours, then they offered it again a few days later. I'm so glad I managed to get it for myself. The program is a breeze to use. The only thing I've found that I can't do - and it's really not a big deal - is to convert my sketches to grayscale. If there is a way to do it I haven't figured it out yet. Most of the time I use backgrounds and embellishments from different kits so the colors really don't match. I change everything to gray and *voila* everything blends together nicely. This sketch is all matchy matchy because everything came from the same kit. It looks kind of pretty with all the pinks and greens, don't you think? BTW, this kit came with the free program (along with several others). I still can't get over how easy it is to use.

Diana sent me this pretty layout. I really love her style. :)


Diana Joy said...

Hi Judy; I also downloaded that free program thanks to being told about it by you. I've yet to play with it though. Glad you like my layout...I wish I knew what to call "my style".Looking forward to more sketches from you.

Melissa said...

great sketch! I tried to download the program but missed it! bummer!

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