Friday, June 4, 2010

Digital Stamps

There's this sort of new thing called digital stamps. Well, at least it's new to me. I haven't taken the plunge yet but it intrigues me. Stamps without rubber, acrylic or blocks? Stamps you can resize, print out or add to your digital page? Stamps that don't take up any room? Cool.

A quick google search brought me to this blog, Fred, She Said Digital Designs. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous freebies available there. And this cool cat is by Hambo Stamps. It's perfect for a summer card or invitation.

Since I know very little about this technique, I'd love to know if you've played with digital stamps. Please leave your ideas and tips in the comments section!


Jeanne said...

I've only tried it once. I can't explain it, but I did not enjoy it as much as ink & rubber. To me it seemed like more of a hassle to size the image and print it out than to just stamp something quickly.

The Littlest Thistle said...

The most I've ever done with a digital stamp is the header on my blog, it was interesting, but I don't think digital scrapping will ever grab me really to take it much further. I foresee myself using them more for fancier photos to promote the bears in the future

Kimmiek said...

Hi Judi!
Digi stamps are great.... unless your printer needs more ink!
Fast Easy always in your computer and/or a disc... re-sizable on a whim... reversible.. affordable & def., storable!!

Robin said...

I've heard comments, and I agree, that they are glorified coloring pages ... basically because all of them need coloring. I am not a colorer of my stamps, I like the solid images best when I stamp, so it doesn't work too well for me.

The couple that I did do though, I noticed you need to wait sometime before you color them, or the ink will run

sizing takes practice .. I didn't always get the size I wanted at first (that's probably the computer operator though :)

Judy said...

Thanks for all the input on digital stamps. I'll probably give them a whirl at some point. I'm a big fan of freebies so if I can get them at no cost, all the better!

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