Friday, October 16, 2009

Gift tags, gift tags, gift tags!

I have to do a quick post & run but I wanted to show off my latest listings. It's time to start wrapping those Christmas gifts you bought at the after-Christmas sales last year. Make a list of what you bought so you don't forget and buy something else for that person.

Are you like me and have to make sure each child has an equal number of gifts under the tree? Thank goodness my kids are older now and that's not a big deal anymore. I used to drive myself crazy with that. It would be three days before Christmas and I'd realize that I went overboard on one or the other.

Anyway, here's my gift tags, all available in the Christmas Shop section of my Etsy shop (along with Christmas cards). I'm going to a crop at a friend's house tomorrow so I'll be listing more card packs next week!

I hope everyone stays warm and dry this weekend!


Maria @ Drop of Sunshine said...

These are gorgeous!

Judy said...

Thanks for the compliment! I just got a custom order for a large quantity so I'm pretty happy about that!

SmileyMoo said...

I love these! So pretty!

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