Friday, September 18, 2009

Boy Killaz--Crafting for Charities

My first feature ever is an Etsy shop called Boy Killaz. I stumbled on this shop this morning while checking a thread I created on the Promotions forum asking for followers to this blog.

This shop tugged at my heart strings. The profits from their sold items are given to two charities - Greensboro Animal Rescue & Foster program and Stand Proud . I'm a big animal lover. My family adopted our cat Flower from a local cat rescue two years ago when she was two years old. We absolutely adore her and I think she feels the same about us. :-) I also love that this shop is committed to helping disabled children through Stand Proud.

Please check out Boy Killaz shop, give them lots of hearts and show your support for these two wonderful causes!

White w/ Black Stripes Sphere Earrings--Stand Proud Foundation

Kibblez n Bitz Keychain (large)--Dog Chow and Kitty Litter

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