Friday, September 7, 2012

Free Friday Sketch - Sept. 7

I was inspired to make this scrapbook sketch after seeing a wall display on Pinterest (where else would I get my inspiration?). I saw the Pin, thought it was cool and while lying in bed around midnight that night, the inspiration struck to adapt a sketch from the design. Your photos don't have to be the exact same size I've shown here (which is why I didn't include any measurements). Just draw an imaginary line across the center of your page and line up different size photos above and below it. Easy peasy. 

I created this sketch on the family laptop, which doesn't have all my digital kits and nifty fonts that are on our dinosaur desktop. That explains why the embellishments are lacking this time around (although I think the bottom right looks pretty!). The swirls were made with a Wingdings font in outline. The laptop also didn't have all the programs I needed so I spent over an hour getting everything situated just so I could upload to Blogger. It would have been easier to do the sketch on the old clunker! lol 

Now for my disclaimers: You're welcome to print this out for your own personal use. Please do not sell or submit scrapbook pages or cards made from this sketch. Feel free to Pin this image but be sure to link it back to this blog page.

If you're interested in more free scrapbook sketches, click the sketch links on the sidebar at the top of this page. 

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