Monday, January 30, 2012

Four New Layouts

I'm proud to say I've managed to get a few layouts done in the past couple of months. I made a commitment to myself to attend the monthly crops at our local scrapbook store. I made a Boy Scout scrapbook as a Christmas gift for my son at the November and December crops. I figured since he made Eagle Scout back in June 2011 (proud Mom moment!!) I might as well start that Scout scrapbook I've been planning for the past five or so years. ;)

In January I got back into doing pages for me. Here are four that are actually complete. I have one more to finish but my son needs to do the journaling on it and I keep forgetting to ask him. Sorry for the poor photos. I'm still getting used to the new camera my son gave me for my birthday (he's such a good boy).

My daughter's 7th grade school pics. I had her do the journaling in her own handwriting.

My daughter's tap pics for 2009-2010 (I got a tad behind on the dance pics!). This one was very hard to photograph because of the shiny background paper.

My son got his first real job at the end of last summer. *sob* He's a cashier/bagger at the local grocery store. I can't believe he let me take these photos. lol

This is a pic that's taken me a while to sit down and scrap. This is my husband laid up in bed after his terrible, awful work accident in May 2010. When someone in the house is sick or hurt my cat Flower will stay with that person for hours. In this case she sat on my husband's chest as if she was telling him not to try to go anywhere (he was stubborn about wanting to do things for himself when he clearly couldn't). There's an orange reflection on the pic right where she is but the arrow is pointing to her.

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