Monday, October 17, 2011

Swagbucks is the real deal

I've crossed over to the dark side of  Swagbucks. If you've never heard of it, Swagbucks is an online rewards program. I'd seen it mentioned online over the years but thought a) it has a strange name and b) it's a scam.

Well, it may have a silly name but it's no scam. I joined on August 22, 2011 after a Facebook friend posted a referral link on my wall.

Welcome to the dark side.

Since I joined on that day in August, I've earned $50 in Amazon gift cards. I could have chosen to spend my Swagbucks on any number of prizes in the Swagstore. Amazon $5 gift cards are the best deal. Plus you can buy just about anything on Amazon. An Amazon $5 gift card costs 450 Swagbucks. Depending on how much time you put into it, it's very possible to reach that amount in less than a week. I realize $5 doesn't seem like much but those individual $5 gift codes add up. If you're playing online you might as well be getting paid for it!

Earning Swagbucks really isn't that hard but it can take time. If you're super busy with work, family, etc. it's probably not for you. If you're like me - you have time at night or when the kids are in school - it's something you might want to consider doing.

When you join Swagbucks it's a good idea to install their toolbar. This is one of the many ways you can earn Swagbucks. Use their toolbar instead of what you'd normally use. Throughout the day you may see a banner pop up at the top of the search results page saying you've earned Swagbucks. It automatically adds them to your Swag account.

You'll notice that I've had a Swagbucks Swidget on the sidebar of this blog for a few weeks. I use it to check if a code has been released. I originally had it on the toolbar but it caused my computer to hang so I uninstalled it and put it here on my blog.

Other ways you can earn Swagbucks is buy taking surveys, answering the daily poll, watching Swagbucks TV, playing games on their site, doing tasks, checking out the special offers section, shopping through links on their site and finding Swag codes. You can learn how to do all this by checking out this site Swaggin 101. It's a great site with lots of info.

Last but not least, there's the Swagbucks Facebook page. I've become so addicted that it's the first page I visit when I log onto Facebook. It's the best place to find out if a code has been released (you'll see a bunch of people posting "thanks for the code"). We're not allowed to say exactly where the code is or to share the code with anyone. You have to find it on your own - but some people give hints on where to look for it. For example, if it's on the blog someone might say "read today's blog post." The Swaggin 101 link above will teach you how to find codes and what the rules are regarding codes.

I'm going to be honest by saying the links to the Swagbucks site that I've included here are referral links. If you choose to join through those links I'll get a few Swagbucks. That's not why I'm posting this. I'm posting because a) I needed something to blog about and b) I'm still amazed that I've earned $50 in Amazon money for basically doing nothing but play online. I haven't spent any of my own money on this. Swagbucks is the real deal. 

Search & Win

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