Saturday, November 21, 2009

Craft Show, Reduced Prices and Black Friday Sale

I'm so happy for my daughter. Her Em's Gems earrings sold like hotcakes at the craft show we did this weekend. This was our first ever craft show and I was a bit anxious about it. I prepared for a few months, searching for just the right things for our display and getting our packaging ready, right down to stamping snowflakes on our bags. :-) My daughter's earrings were a hit and she came home with a nice profit. For 11 years old she's done very well for herself and I'm very proud. My paper items - cards, paper piecings and tags - didn't sell so well. I made about enough to cover our table fee. I'm ok with that. This started out as something for my daughter and I kind of jumped on the bandwagon. I was told by a few people that everything looked really nice and that it looked liked we've done this before. The promoter told me that she was very impressed with our whole display, our presentation, our packaging, etc. It felt so good to hear that after I worked so hard on everything (thank you Etsy forums).

I have a few announcements about my Etsy shop, then I'll move on to pics from the craft show. Em's Gems, the jewelry section of my shop, has been discontinued. Em did so well this weekend that she's decided to concentrate on creating for local craft shows. Etsy is not a good match for her style of earrings.

This N That Craft House now offers international shipping. I've reduced all prices to make room for fresh new inventory in 2010. Watch for an announcement about my upcoming Black Friday Clearance Sale. I'll be offering discounts on orders of 2 or more items along with free holiday gift tags with every purchase.

Here's a pic of the peeps behind This N That Craft House. It came out a little blurry - sorry about that. This is my daughter Emily and me.

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